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Tattoo ban lifted in Ill.

September 30th, 2009 by

For quite a few years now the city of DeKalb, Ill, home of the Northern Illinois University, has had a ban on tattooing. Perhaps they were worried that students would get NIU tattoos enmass after one of those good old fashioned frat parties. Perhaps they thought that a tattoo studio would earn them their very own Delta House, (Animal House for those few who may not have seen the movie.).
Robert Schaal
But, as Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a’changin’.”

According to student operated news paper Northern Star, the city council has finally relented and lifted the ban on tattooing in DeKalb.

“During Monday night’s city council meeting, lifting the ban on tattooing in the city of DeKalb under Chapter 11 of the Municipal Code was revisited with questions from the previous council meeting answered. The sticking points of insurance policy amounts, felony limitations and possible locations were answered.”

City Manager Mark Biernack lowered the required insurance policy to $100,000. DeKalb is the only city requiring such insurance. Another disqualifying ordinance about felony convictions was lowered from having been convicted in the last ten years to the last seven, and amendments were made to the ordinance to allow tattooing in heavy industrial areas of the city.

The local tattoo artists in nearby Rockford and surrounding areas were positive, and excited about the prospect of being able to set up shop in the city.

Kenny Weinstock, owner of Out On a Whim said that he felt the new laws were fair and would serve to protect tattoo artists. Robert Schaal, owner of  Euro Tattoo said that he was pretty pleased with the new ordinance.

Personally, I think the whole idea is pretty cool, myself, and it’s good to see city leaders being both reasonable and fair. That is exactly how politicians are supposed to be, so the rest of you public servants take note. At least the city council of DeKalb has their act together.

Thumbs up, Guys!

Image © Northern Star, all rights reserved

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