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Temporary Ink, Permanent Peace of Mind

September 9th, 2009 by

I know that temporary tattoos don’t exactly get the blood pumping with excitement over here at the Tattoo Blog, but even the most hardcore tattoo enthusiast has to admit that a temporary tattoo has its time and place.  I know, I know..I can pretty much hear the collective grumblings of  What the hell are you talking about, Mike?  But hear me out on this one.

When it comes to children (or “kids” in layman’s terms), anyone who has spent more than at least 30 seconds with them knows a couple of things.  One: that kids have extremely short attention spans and really like to wander and often as a result of these wanderings, end up getting lost.  And number two: conventional society and the “law” tends to frown on tattooing kids with real ink.  Just ask Enrique Gonzalez, if you don’t believe me.

These are indeed two problems, but now thanks to Washington D.C. native Virginia Lu, the dangers of children getting lost and the legality of tattooing them has been sidestepped just enough to make everyone happy.  Lu has come up with Tottoos, temporary tattoos which can be custom made to include your child’s phone number.  The Tottoo, which reads “If I am Lost, Please Call _________” can also be made to specify medical alert needs as well as any potentially serious allergies that a child may have.  Prices and quantities of Tottoos vary, so if you’re interested in purchasing some, it’s best to just head over to the site and see exactly what’s available and for how much.

There you have it.  Temporary tattoos redeeming themselves in quite a good way.  I actually think this sort of temporary tattoo identification could really work for those nights when you have just a bit too much fun at the pub or club.  A “Put Me In A Taxi” temporary tattoo or a “Call My Girlfriend/Boyfriend ________, I’m Only Going to Get In Trouble If I Stay Out Any Later” could also really come in handy for slightly more mature “kids”.

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