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The “Wild Cards” Miss Tattoo Providence 2009

September 4th, 2009 by

It’s not a pageant without “Wild Cards”, these two ladies, we chosen by the executive powers that be, these ladies are also invited back out to compete at the 2010 Title Miss Tattoo Pageant.

Wild Card awards are given to contestants that display in some way the various character traits; 100% overall throughout the weekend, and in some instances, touch the crowd, the judges, or the crew in an indescribable, but notable positive way.

Janice (on the right) is a NY Gem, she is an independent, strong willed, outspoken, beautiful woman that is very much a family girl. The entire weekend she was smiles, and sparkles, always wanting to lend a hand, or help out in any way. I love a team player, and she was the first wild card nod at the show.

Ashley HIll, was the second, (on the left), taking a wild card home for her no holds barred honesty and soul bearing while reading a self written poem, “What you don’t know about me”. She had most of the crowd in tears along with most of my staff, gotta love a well written woman. She is an amazing woman, and there was no way I was letting her go home without a Pin.

And there you have it the top five women from the 2009 Providence Pageant. I will be posting some good group shots and a few funny ones from that weekend at Rock the Ink. It was a great time, and I can’t wait for October.



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