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Twitter Buzz On The Beas.

September 2nd, 2009 by

I have a confession to make. I don’t Twitter. It’s not because I don’t have the time, (which being a writer, I don’t), but because a lot of what gets put on there is just plain frivolous, self-serving crap in my opinion. I really don’t care if someone is sitting on their patio, or if they just made a “nummy sandwich.” So freakin’ what? But, this is not my only reason.
Beasley and The Bag
My biggest reason for not getting involved in the Twit crowd is it becomes all too easy to make a fool out of your self, (I can do that all on my lonesome, thank you.), or get your ass in hot water fast. Especially if you are a celebrity, or wanna-be celebrity.

Take the latest casualty of the Twitter craze, NBA pro Michael Beasley. In his bid to up his popular presence, and maybe get a juicy endorsement contract with one of the several corporations that cater to sports fans, he had to post this picture of his latest tattoo on Twitter. No doubt hoping that the self endorsement as “Super Cool Beas” would actually make him look like he really is “Super Cool.”

I’m sorry to say that the plan backfired with a vengeance. Not only did the resulting subsequent Tweets come back as less than favorable, to be kind about it, but it seems that every one was more interested in what appeared to be a small bag of “da kine” that accidentally got into the shot as well.

See what I mean about making a fool of yourself?

The result? Word came out a few days later that because of all the speculation about what definitely appeared to be marijuana next to him, Michael Beasley checked into a Houston-area rehab clinic with former NBA player John Lucas. I’d about bet that the NBA itself had more to do with that decision than “Super Cool” did.

The moral of the story? If your out there Tweeting, don’t post pics of your latest tattoos. If you do, make sure you don’t leave your fat sack laying around so that you can get busted by your own carelessness.

In truth, I have nothing against Twitter, Michael, or an occasional toke, and I wish Michael all the best in both his career and personal life. But, Bro. The next time you want to post pictures of your newest tattoo, for God’s sake at least check ‘em out first!

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