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October 23rd, 2009 by

As most of you know already, the ‘Ol Doc ain’t shy about ragging on politicians. In particular the ones who want to take a hypocritical stance against tattoos, or tattoo artists. Well, I’m not about to disappoint you now. Especially when the story involves one of those Richard Cranium types eating a healthy dose of crow pie.

It seems that the mayor of Columbus, NE, Mike Moser, decided to try and use his position and authority to keep tattoo artist Dustin Milligan from opening a shop in the downtown area. Why? Because the mayor owns a music shop, Columbus Music, right next door in the same building. According to reports the mayor didn’t want “Him or his riff-raff clientele” there.

Starting in June Dustin Milligan had been renovating a building at 2516 13th Street with the hope of opening Phoenix Body Mods. The building had been empty and unproductive for over a year. The very first week the mayor requested a meeting with Dustin to let him know that he was about as welcome as a case of the clap at an Elks convention.
Failing that, Moser tried to find Dustin another location for him to move to, then when that didn’t work, apparently took another track. Milligan said prior to the publication of the story, he had difficulty reaching potential contractors to proceed with the electrical and plumbing work in the building, but since the article was published in The Columbus Telegram he has had contractors seeking him out.

On top of the previous difficulty obtaining contractors, according to the building’s owner, David Blessen, Mayor Moser made repeated attempts to purchase the building. Is anyone else starting to smell a rat in City Hall?

After the story broke in the Telegram, and an outpouring of public sentiment for Dustin, as well as a public smearing of the mayor, Moser relented and apologized publicly for his treatment of the tattoo artist. Guess he suddenly remembered that the riff-raff votes as well. What’s a matter Mike? Afraid you’ll have to actually work for a living?

The mayor said that he thought the article in the Telegram was “very negative and inflammatory.” Which, incase you don’t speak politicaleeze, means “I got caught with my head up my ass, and was losing future votes.”

Dustin is a lot kinder than I am and holds no animosity towards the mayor, or his cronies, but he has to work there, so I can’t blame him there. It just shows he is the bigger man. I don’t have to depend on living next to the backstabbing sucker, so I can call a spade a spade. But to be kind about it, admission is the first step there Mikey.

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