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Can and Will be Used Against You.

October 12th, 2009 by

Not long ago I reported on the case of Casey Anthony, the mother who took a month to report her toddler’s, Caylee Anthony, disappearance. At that time it was known that the DA’s office was taking photographs of a tattoo that Anthony had done about a week before reporting the incident to the police, and about two weeks after the child went missing.
Casey Anthony tattoo
Now we all know that a tattoo can, and often is, used by law enforcement to identify a criminal, or a victim. However this may be the first case where getting a tattoo after the crime is used as evidence to prove a crime in and of itself.

At the moment it is unclear as to just how the tattoo, Italian script for “A Beautiful Life” is going to figure into the prosecutor’s case, but the picture has been released to the press as part of the 1,400 pages of evidence released. So, I’d say it is a good bet that they have some use for it in their case.

Remember Anthony did not have the tattoo at the time the alleged crime was committed, she got it afterward. Personally I don’t see where it comes into play, other than just speculation as to why she got the tattoo, and the reasons could be as varied as anyone else’s reason.

Now, I’m not saying that Casey Anthony is, or is not guilty. That is, honestly, something for the court to decide. What I am saying is be careful what you have tattooed on you, it seems that now days it can and will be used against you in a court of law.

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