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Get a Tattoo. Lose a job?

October 12th, 2009 by

Where should I put my next tattoo? That’s what millions of potential tattoo customers ask themselves every year. Do you know your decision may cost you your job? Every one’s life is different. We tell our customer to be mindful about the placement of there tattoo. My advice is to consider your current job. How would your boss react to it. Weather you agree or not with his point view , he’s still the guy who can fire you. It’s also very important to think about your professional career in the future. What kind of job do you want? Is the field that you want to be apart of tolerant of your tattoos? Just a few things to really think about before you get a tattoo that would be easily visible to your boss. I would say its about common sense. Its about weather or not you control your working life. Don’t make a mistake and cut yourself off professionally.

As for the policy of the police, it seems that many states follow similar regulations. No visible tattoos for staff in uniforms. For example East Palo Alto police department policy is that all uniformed employees cannot show any tattoos what so ever. The ban goes on to include intentional scarring , and dental ornamentation. New York State Police follow similar policies, so does St. Louis, Dallas, and San Jose. However, not every city in the United States follow those policies. Portland police can have visible tattoos but not on the neck or face. Also the tattoos cannot be offensive.

You may be able to find a job that accepts your tattoos but it may be a long search before that happens. I think its best to really think about what you want to do professionally. Be honest with yourself. Then once you’ve established yourself in that field assess what tattoos you can or can’t have. Its better to adjust your tattoo to your job then your job to your tattoo.

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