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How a mayor is supposed to act.

October 26th, 2009 by

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I don’t oppose all politicians, just the ones that are determined to throw their weight around and make an ass of themselves. That being said, I will also pass out kudos when they are deserved, and that is just the case in the good old UK. (Maybe we can get a few to teach the majority of ours how to be a public servant?)
Alice in Wonderland parade hosted by tattoo studio
Anyway, around the same time as the mayor of Columbus, NE was apologizing for being an arrogant jerk, the mayor of Diss in Norfolk, UK was officiating at the opening of a brand new tattoo studio! Now this is the kind of action that makes it clear the township of Diss has a mayor who knows how to handle a global rescission, by welcoming any new business with open arms.

According to the Diss Express, Mayor Jane Trippett-Jones opened a new tattoo and piercing business following a colorful town center parade. Local owners Ray Horne and David Garrett, (along with the mayor), opened the studio after sponsoring a Alice In Wonderland-themed parade through the town to drum up business for the new venture.

Now just how cool is that? Not only does the mayor officiate the opening of your studio, but you have a parade for the residents as well. That, my friends is how to drum up some serious PR, and they aren’t done there. These two artists have their shit together, so to speak.

Ray and David have had the studio inspected by an environmental health team to ensure it is fit for purpose and a certificate will be on display at the shop. They also said that they work to strict ethical guidelines, not piercing anyone under 16 or tattooing anyone under 18. I like these two blokes already. Well done, men.

The studio, named Bliss, is open 10am-6pm, Tuesday to Saturday, and is opposite the Rose Lane turning, for all you UK readers out there. Check them out and send a bit of business their way.

The dynamic duo is also having graffiti artist Tom Reynolds create a piece of work for them that will be on display inside the studio once it is finished.

As for Mayor Jane Trippett-Jones…Well done, M’Lady. I’m beginning to see why the UK has such memorable women in their government. Well done indeed.

Image © Diss Express, All Rights Reserved

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