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October 12th, 2009 by

Looking for that perfect work of art for your home or maybe your studio?  Love tattoos?  How about a Kim Saigh portrait?  No?  How about one of Jeff Raissier?  A naked Jo Harrison?  Or how about Tim Kern’s hands?

Well, if you are interested in oil paintings done of tattoo masters and the tattoo world itself, then look no further than the art of Shawn Barber.  Barber is responsible for an extensive array of tattoo inspired art – correction, an extensive array of very good tattoo inspired art.

Most likely, if you’ve ever watched Kat Von D’s LA Ink program (and I know you have, so don’t try to pretend like you haven’t…we’re all guilty), then most likely you’ve noticed a large portrait of Kat hanging in the High Voltage studio.  That’s a Shawn Barber.

Barber’s work seems to also be showing at various galleries on quite a regular basis.  The tattoo portraits have been something of a passion of Shawn’s since 2005, with his most recent exhibitions being in Montreal, Canada this past September at the Yves Laroche Gallery, and a solo show at San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery this past August.  In April of 2010, Barber will have another solo exhibit of his tattoo portraits at New York City’s Joshua Liner Gallery.

Take a look at Shawn’s very cool work here and there’s also his book of portraits from 2006, called Tattooed Portraits: New Paintings by Shawn Barber, though it is hard to find. If you feel like paying $240 for what is a $30 book, you can always go over to Amazon and pick it up. Otherwise, you might have to search a little.

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