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The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth, (my recap)…

October 8th, 2009 by

So, I am not going to go all in depth, about the who’s where’s, whatever’s, but I will give the typical “Jen Nuttshell” summary.

Over 750 booths, which equates to I don’t know how many artists per booth? That’s a lot of convention. ¬†And with over 58,000 total tickets sold, yeah SOLD, not to mention all local Vegas residents got in free with their ID, and Las Vegas Bike Week was going on and if you had a wrist band from Bike Week you also got free entry into the BTSOE. Needless to say the floor was packed every day. The layout was nice, the floor was decadent, and the people made the show.

As far as conventions go, it was a good convention. Mario gave each booth a free set of the trial/travel size new Mario Barth Intenze: Gold Label Inks. He also had unveiled a new line of tattoo inks called Bowery Brand Inks; which were old school colors that a lot of tenured artists LOVE. There was also a lot of retail sales going on, with all the cool stuff there: art, jewelry, sugar skulls, swag, clothing, nicknacks, etc, I wish I hadn’t gambled, and would have just bought more stuff, but when in Vegas…

Lyle Tuttle had a HUGE booth, that was filled with old tattoo relics, and memorabilia, it was a walk back in time almost, and it was also his birthday weekend. He brought two traveling tattoo kit’s from way back when, and I couldn’t stop staring, it was something I was actually thrilled to be able to just look at, the insight to how far “tattooing” has come in general is crazy, but at the same time, the same roots/ elements are still and always will be the same. Which is humbling in my opinion.

Evan Seinfield from Biohazard/ Oz, etc, was the Tattoo Show Emcee, he did a great job with keeping the crowds pumped and the stage rolling.

Now if there is anything I am it’s a club snob, I love clubs, just because I have always wanted to own a club of my own, and going to the glamorous and flamboyant VIP after parties was also a bonus cherry on top of the “sunday”… With world famous DJ’s, Celebrities, Special Guest Hosts, it was a non stop weekend of sheer decadence… that is if you could afford it. I only went out one night after the show, Sunday… and only spending a couple of hours out that night I am glad I didn’t do that every night…. I don’t know how the hard core people do it? But I must applaud them for their “rockstar party ablilities”.

So back to the Convention… Yes is was the biggest, and yes, it was a tattoo show… I can only hope to see what Mario puts together next year.

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