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Devilution in Aiken SC.

November 23rd, 2009 by

Now, it is no secret that South Carolina has some of the strictest, and in many ways dumbest, tattoo regulations in the whole of the USA. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the first who will tell you that tattoo regulations are necessary, and I support any state that has them in place, but I do not support abusive, (stupid), regulations that are obviously set in place by a fanatical adherence to a particular religious belief system.
After all “they” wouldn’t like it if they were forced to abide by “laws” as interpreted by alternative religions, like Buddhism. In fact “they” would be the first to scream foul and discrimination from the very roof tops. Guess that old teaching about “Do unto others” doesn’t apply to them, just the rest of us.

The nice thing is every once in a while they slip, and let the real reason for their actions show, as in the case of the “Shity” of Aiken, SC.

The fifth of this month tattoo artists Crystal Shreve and Julian McClain asked for the zoning for the Thoroughbred Tattoo Parlor. The City of Aiken does not have an area zoned for tattoo parlors. On the eleventh of this month they got their answer: “Not yet.”

Why not just be honest and say, “Not Ever.”, anal retentive members of the Aiken City Council?

As a matter of record:

“According to City Attorney Gary Smith, when the law was first passed, municipalities were obligated to allow zoning for tattoo parlors; however, an amendment was later added that municipalities have interpreted to mean that zoning does not have to be provided. He said the interpretation has yet to be challenged by the state Supreme Court.”

“City Councilman Dick (Did his mama know how to name her kids, or what?) Smith said he didn’t see a reason to make changes to the zoning the City already has in place since it is working. Smith also said that he sees tattoo parlors as one of the things bringing about the “devilution” of our society.”

There it is. Tattoos are of the Devil, and that is the real reason for The Shity of Aiken taking such an illegal, and ignorant stand against them and the dens of iniquity that are Tattoo Studios. Hallelujah!! Amen, Brothers! Everyone has to obey our God!! Next stop that vile institution of Satan known as the Constitution of the United States!! Praise the Lord! We don’t have to obey any laws about the separation of church and state!!

Or any natural laws of intelligence either, for that matter.

Considering the state of the economy, why should they allow anyone to set up a legitimate, and legal, business in their city? Joblessness is only at an all time high. Let those suckers sell crack on the street to survive like everyone else. At least they won’t be tempting our youth with the symbols of Satan known as, (shudder), TATTOOS.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the flaw in that logic?

Thank you, Aiken, for once again proving that South Carolina has more people with their heads firmly planted in last nights dinner than most, and that legal businesses don’t have a right to exist alongside the religious morals that only one religion gets to dictate for everybody else.

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