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Ebay Auction For Tattoo Advertising On My Forehead

November 12th, 2009 by


I have just listed an auction on eBay for lifetime advertising on my forehead.   That’s right the winning bidder of this auction will get to advertise on my forehead for life with a permanent tattoo advertisement. I Have done eBay auctions like this in the past but recently I have been contacting websites and seeing if they would like to advertise on me. I decided to go this rout to change things up.

You might be wondering why I am doing this, and here is the reason. A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad on craigslist for a van. My family and I have been without a vehicle for almost a year. The craigslist ad looked good so I called about the van. We set up a day and time to look at it. I test drove it and it seemed to run really well. I decided to buy it. The very next day it broke. I took it to the shop and was told it was a complete mess. The engine was worthless as was several other parts. I couldn’t get my money back as I signed a paper saying vehicle as is. I never bought a vehicle from an individual before so I made mistakes. I decided to put the auction on eBay in the hopes of coming up with enough money to get the family another vehicle as the snows have just now hit here in Anchorage, Alaska. Please tell everyone you know to watch my auction. I am really hoping the auction does well.


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