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Geeks Who Are Into Video Games Are Also Into Tattoos.

November 4th, 2009 by

Today while I was hanging around my apartment, playing some Playstation, it suddenly hit me: in the past few years, we’ve seen tattoos turn up in everything from dinnerware to fashion, to television programs, to literally practically everything else in between.  Hell, don’t say I didn’t warn you when the day comes that tattoo artists are designing condoms.  Tattoo is everywhere and this has never been more obvious than it currently is.

However, I still think that there is one market out there that tattoo has yet to infiltrate: video games.  To my knowledge, no video game console currently boasts a tattoo video game.  Sure, there are have been little glimpses at the concept, namely iPhone’s Tattoo Mania and the Tattoo Mania Halloween Edition, but these are small games that don’t really get into the world of tattoo.

Video game company corporate types take note: the world of tattooing needs to collide with the video game in much the same way as Tony Hawk and skateboarding did several years back.  I can’t see anything wrong with a game in which players can choose from an all-star roster of tattoo artists, then get to work on various challenging customers, requests and designs.  Work your way up from an apprenticeship to owning your very own tattoo studio.  Get the odd celebrity in now and again to tattoo.  Risk pissing off the client, or have the option of chasing down and beating a client after they diss your work.  Okay, that last one probably wouldn’t work its way into the final cut of the game, but it would be fun.  Get a big name tattoo artist to endorse it and you’ve got an instant hit on your hands.

Why this doesn’t already exist, I’ll never know.  Not to mention that depending on how sensitive they make the game and how fun it actually is, a video game is a better place to start getting interested in one day becoming a tattoo artist than other “training” methods…*cough*…scratcher…*cough*

So there you go, all you video game corporate types who read Tattoo Blog: I’ve spelled it all out for you.  Done your job for you, even.  Just make it happen and I promise you, I won’t be wrong.  Just remember: you owe me one.

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