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November 12th, 2009 by

Instead of just bitching my ass off this time, maybe, just maybe, I can offer a bit of constructive advice for when a question like the following comes up in the future. At the worst I can try, and fall flat on my face, but here goes anyway.
Help Wanted
The following question was posed to David Emin in the UK publication, “Media Week.” Now, somehow I doubt that David has many tattoos, but he says his grandma did, and he did give some very level headed advice. However in my opinion he stopped just short of anything that could prove useful. Here’s the question:

We are recruiting for a media buyer for one of our teams. The fact that we are able to recruit has come as a bit of a surprise, because our company has had a recruitment freeze in place for the past 12 months. After much moaning to my boss and complaining about my department’s massive workload, she finally let us go ahead and recruit someone.
My dilemma is that we have nailed the selection process down to two candidates, but the one I believe is the best person for the job has a tattoo on the back of his hand. Unfortunately, my boss does not approve of this kind of thing. Do I risk upsetting my boss and employing the candidate I think is ideal for the job or should I go with the candidate who is not as well qualified, in my opinion, but will meet with the boss’s approval?

Basically David’s advice was to ask the boss, who hates tattoos, and lay the cards on the table.

That’s all well and good, but how does that help either the company that’s trying to realize more profit, or the qualified person who needs and has proven they can do the job quite well? Basically it seemed to me as if the buck was getting passed.

Well, lay that sucker down on my desk, because I’m going to give some constructive advice.

One: If you want to tell the boss before doing your job, by all means do so, but let her know that the tattoo obviously has not kept the candidate from doing a stellar job in the past. Which is more important? A prejudice against tattoos, or a bigger bottom line? If the prejudice is more important…no wonder the global economy is in the crapper.

Two: Point out that with today’s cover makeup’s it is a matter of child’s play to hide the tattoo, and unless you want to crow from the roof tops, no one is going to be the wiser. I doubt the candidate in question is going to refuse covering the tattoo up when faced with a chance at a lucrative job they are good at.

Three: Why bother the boss at all? Hiring is your job. Ask the candidate if they would cover the tattoo with a concealer while on the job.  The boss need never know, and if the new man is pulling in the top bucks, I doubt she will care if it ever becomes known. The purpose of any business is to make the largest profit margin possible.

Perhaps things are getting better where tattoos and the general public are concerned, but the last few weeks of research has shown me that there are still a lot of shallow people out there who can’t see beyond outward appearance. To be blunt, it has jerked the Sailor Jerry rose colored glasses right off my face.

We’ve come a long way, Baby. But we still have a long way to go.

So until the rest of the human race decides to pull its head out of its ass. Keep your friends close…and your concealer closer. What they don’t know won’t hurt you.

And the sign said; “Weirdo tattoo freakies need not apply.”
So, rolled my shirtsleeves down,

And I went in to ask him why.
He said, “You look like a fine outstanding young man.”
“I think you’ll do.”

So I flashed out my tat,
And said, “Imagine that. Huh. Me, working’ for you.”

Peace out, Gang! 😉

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