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Paint it Black, Without Henna.

November 23rd, 2009 by

Not long ago both myself, and Mike, warned everyone who follows Tattoo Blog about the dangers of getting a temporary tattoo using Black Henna. The reason why is natural henna is not black, and this stuff is made that way by using a toxic chemical called PPD, a very toxic chemical known to cause allergic reactions.

Now you didn’t think the ‘Ol Doc would leave you all hangin’ without offering a safe alternative, if there was one, did you?
Genipa Americana
Well I’m happy to say that there is a safe way to get a true black temp tattoo that does not contain PPD, or henna. Best news of all, (especially for the kiddies), is that the tattoo will not damage your skin, and will last for 10-15 days. That’s pretty much as long as a natural brown henna tattoo will last.

The newest product for true black tempttoos is a gel called Jagua.

Jagua is the common name for Genipa Americana. It is an edible, orange-size, tropical fruit with a thick rind found in the Amazon. The natural dye is extracted from the unripe fruit and used for many purposes by indigenous people throughout Central and South America, especially for body adornment. Its medicinal properties are well documented, chief among them the ability to repel insects and, when taken internally, to treat bronchitis.

Distributed by Earth Jagua this product is100% safe for everyone, does not contain PPD or any other toxic chemicals, is not henna, nor does it contain henna, dyes the skin blue-black in about 12-24 hours, (You wipe it off in about one hours and it continues to develop afterwards.), and lasts 10-15 days on the skin, then disappears completely.

All ingredients in Jagua are natural and are listed on the website, along with all safety precautions. Lets face it, some people are allergic to natural things, like peanuts, or strawberries. So it does pay to look over their Health and Safety guidelines. Odds are you are no more allergic to this product than you are to any other natural one, but they will lay it all on the table for you to check out.

As they say on their site:

Jagua Body Ink is safe and natural. However, allergic reactions to natural products are not uncommon.

The product should be used according to directions. If you are taking medications, or have known allergies, please consult your doctor before using Earth Jagua Body Ink.

Before using Earth Jagua Body Ink, test product on small area first. Place a small amount of product on the skin; leave on for 2-3 hours and rinse off with water. Wait 4-5 hours before proceeding.

The Black Henna guys never laid it out on the line for you like that. Hell, they never even bothered to tell you that the PPD was toxic.

Do remember, though, that it takes a little time for the temp to fully develop. Jagua body ink will dry in 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the design. Be careful not to smear it while it is wet, as it will dye any skin it is allowed to dry on. Wait two hours before scraping off the Jagua body ink. You will see absolutely nothing, or a very light gray outline when you first remove the dried ink. This is normal, but it will slowly grow darker as time passes, until it becomes full on black. Normally 12-24 hours, and it is kind of fun to watch it develop. Like watching a slow Polaroid.  Wash off any residue with cool water.

This stuff dyes the skin so black it’s flat out amazing, and well worth the wait.

So, there you have it, Gang. A safe way to get a temporary black tattoo that is every bit as dark as a Black Henna, without having to have your hide burned all to Hell. Now there is no excuse for any of these tempttoo vendors to be tearing up anymore youngsters with toxic crap.

If they do: Sue the bastard, then whup his ass. Better yet, hold him down and use his product on him! See how he likes it.

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