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Tramp Stamp Mythbusting.

November 9th, 2009 by

Since I’m on the subject of women and tattoos, (Yes, I know there are male nurses, but many more nurses are women…and I’d rather have a sponge bath from a girl, thank you.), I thought I would take on that bastion of false perception, the “Tramp Stamp.”
Tramp Stamp
When you think about all the lies there have been about tattooing in general, “People who have tattoos are all criminals.”, “Tattooed people are all drug users.”, “Only low class people get tattoos.” Etc. Etc. Ad Nausea. It seems amazing to me that a single tattoo, simply because of it’s placement, (Which I personally think looks cool as Hell.), and the gender of the person wearing it should attract some of the most God awful bullshit ever heard.

Personally I like the term Tramp Stamp, but I’m one of those “fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke, and fuck ‘em if they can’t” types. I think it’s as up there as Cougar, and gays referring to themselves as fag, or any other of the one time derogatory remarks that was used against them. When slurs are  used as a term of empowerment instead of a slur, it loses all it’s power to offend and becomes a badge of honor.

What I don’t like are assholes believing all the bullshit that goes with it.

According to the Urban Dictionary, an online dictionary that is about as reliable as Wikipedia when it comes to facts:

“Those chicks with tramp stamps are the kinds of girls you take home to bang. Don’t get into relationships with them because they are often immature gold digging sluts who sleep with everyone. Oh yeah, make sure you use a rubber because you don’t want to end up with chlamydia trachoma (which 1 in 20 women have between the ages of 14-39 according to the center of disease control… probably much higher if they have a tramp stamp considering the scientific coloration [sic] between sluttiness and tramp stamps). Also, if they pop out a baby (which they often do), they may have issues getting epidurals through their tattoos in the lower back.”

I’m betting the stupid shit who added that one has about as much luck with the ladies as Bill Gates while he was still a pimple faced geek in High School. On a scale of 1 to 10…about a negative 600. In fact I’d be willing to bet Bud Bundy up there has never taken a chick with a tramp stamp, or any other hot lady, home to bang. Unless he had to blow her up first that is. The rest of the tripe definitions are just as bad.

One: Guess what, Nimrod. Just because she has a tramp stamp does not mean she is a slut. All it means is she is cool enough to be comfortable with her own sexuality. Your still a “get lost loser” in her eyes.

Two: It is none of your business, or anyone else’s who she chooses to be with. Just because she may have had more than one sexual partner does not make her a Ho. Guys will try to screw any girl that smiles at them…now who’s a Ho, Hypocrite?

Three: What? Just because she is a girl with a lower back tattoo she’s the Typhoid Mary of STD’s??! What friggin’ planet did you come from? More STD’s are transmitted by male carriers than by females. Yeah, you should wrap it to keep her safe from your nasty ass if you should ever get lucky. (No, the inflate a date doesn’t count, Bud.)

Finally, there is absolutely no scientific correlation, (Not  coloration, ya judgmental Moron.), between a tramp stamp and sexual promiscuity. As a matter of fact, most girls who have, or had at one time, a lower back tattoo were less likely to sleep around than girls who had no tattoos at all. This BS was started by religious sites who did not back up the rumor with any true science, and hate all tattoos.

The good news is that there is a scientific correlation between people who use the term to appear smarter than they actually are, (yet are too stupid to use spell check), and being dumber than a rock.

In short: “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people believe your an idiot, than to speak and remove all doubt.”

So, in conclusion, I would hate to see one of the sexiest female tattoos ever fade away just because of ignorant assholes like this jerk. I like the “Tramp Stamp”, I like the name, I like the fact that she can get you all hot and bothered by having one…and still leave your ignorant ass pulling your own junk because you thought you had an easy target…Sucker!

Good for you girls!…and try not to let assholes like these put you off one hell of a cute tattoo if you want it. Embrace the term, use it to empower yourself, and send the “little boys” home to their KY jelly and Hustler mags where they belong.

Ya know ‘Ol Doc loves ya. 😉

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