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Watertown, Minnesota Bans Tattoo Studios for a Year!

November 2nd, 2009 by

Now under normal circum stances such a headline would be cause for me to go off like a Fourth of July rocket tossed into a bonfire…But not this time. This time it is actually a cause for a well-deserved pat on the back to one of the smartest group of politicians I’ve seen to date.

Minnesota is one of the few states that has zero tattooing regulations, and if you’ve been following Tattoo Blog for any length of time, myself, my partner in crime, Mjones, and several others here will be happy to tell you such states tend to be disasters looking for a place to happen. The number of scratcher horror stories, and the amount of fodder for the website “Ugliest Tattoos” will increase by leaps and bounds in such states; as every asshole who thinks he can draw will believe that he can tattoo as well.
Tattoo shop
Got news for you, Chuckles. Tattooing is a whole ‘nuther ball of wax. Paper doesn’t jerk around, holler when you go too deep on it, cuss you like a red headed step child when you screw up, sue you when you give them a deadly disease because you don’t know jack about blood born pathogens, or allow you to erase a mistake because tattoo machines don’t come with erasers.

Anyhoo, the last official tattoo parlor in Carver County’s Watertown closed in August and the town council decided to ban any tattoo parlor from opening there for the next year. Not because they are against tattoos, or the business, but because Minnesota doesn’t regulate tattoo parlors or artists, and they want the time to put their own regulations into place. Now, that is Kew-el!

According to professional artist Dwayne Holt of Anchor’s End Tattoo in Duluth it is unconscionable that anyone can open a studio in Minnesota and start giving tattoos, (More likely than not, bad tattoos.), do body piercing, or generally screw up someone else’s life without any fear of state regulation, or need of a license.

“Any guy with a couple thousand dollars can buy a kit with needles and machines and go to work in their garage. You couldn’t get your hair cut by someone who just picked up a pair of scissors this morning.”

I couldn’t agree more, Dwayne, but I would add that hair can grow back…that case of Hepatitis C, or AIDS that you just got from the scratcher ain’t a goin’ nowhere, Baby.

Council Member Rick Mann said, “”We have nothing against tattoos. We want to protect our citizens.”

Mayor K.J. McDonald said the city has had only two parlors over the years, and there were issues with health concerns, the businesses being open late, and youths hanging around. He feels the ban is necessary until Watertown has its new regulations put into place, and then it’s business as usual for any licensed tattoo artist who wants to set up in a city of about 4,100 residents.

Gentlemen, I applaud you actions and hope that either the great state of Minnesota will soon follow your lead, or more of her cities, or counties will follow your lead. I should also mention that the Minnesota counties of Hennepin and Anoka do have tattoo regulations in place. My hat’s off to them as well.

Well-done people! My only problem is if government keeps acting like this…what the Hell am I going to have left to bitch about?! 😉

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