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Grilled Cheese and Tattoos, Please.

December 23rd, 2009 by

Sure, we all love tattoos; that’s cool, sure.  But let me ask you this: how many of you out there in this vast cyber universe love a good sandwich?  I’ll tell you this much: I frigging loves me a sandwich.  There’s just nothing quite like it.  Bonus points go out to you if you’re actually sitting there, reading this and eating a sandwich.  That my friend, is totally rad of you if that is infact the case.

Oh sandwiches.  So lovely.  Hey, remember that Seinfeld episode where George wants to get his two greatest passions – eating and sex – together at the same time?  He ends up eating sandwiches (or trying to) while he’s getting it on with his girlfriend.  It ultimately backfires on him, which is of course, too bad for him. 

Well, at present time, if your two greatest passions happen to be tattoos and sandwiches, and if you happen to live in or near the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Lakewood, then prepare to have your mind blown: Melt Bar & Grilled happens to be a place that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches.  They make a huge variety of damn tasty looking grilled cheese; everything from chorizo and potato to something called The Parmageddon.  My mouth is watering just looking at the photos of the sandwiches on their site.  All sandwiches come with hand cut fries and a side of sweet slaw and oh damn, I seriously need to go to this place.

Anyway…where was I?  Oh yeah, the sandwiches and tattoos thing.  So, the deal with Melt Bar & Grilled is that anyone who goes out and gets a tattoo of their sandwich and cross bones logo will get 25% off their sandwich needs for life.  They also encourage you to upload your tattoo to the restaurant’s website where the entire world can gaze at your sandwich lovin’ design.

It’s all pretty cool of them.  Now if only they’d start offering discounts to tattoo bloggers who help spread the word about the ever so lovely restaurant called Melt Bar & Grilled. 

How about it, guys?


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