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Oh, Just Don’t Do This.

December 12th, 2009 by

Whenever I think of trends or fads, I never think of anything cool or interesting.  I think that’s because fads and trends aren’t interesting; they’re just fads and trends which ultimately end up disappearing and in most cases, only function as some sort of obscure embarrassment in years to come.  One thing that absolutely should never be a fad or a trend is a tattoo, for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately, tattoos still remain rather trendy in some circles, the worst of this being what’s going on in Vietnam right now.  Not content to ride the trendy wave of “normal” tattoos, the popularity of UV tattoos has grown in Hanoi, Vietnam.  I’m sure you’re all familiar with the UV tattoo: special “ink” is used to design your tattoo so that you can then go to a nightclub and have the lights make your tattoo glow.  Aside from looking like a total D-Bag, recent studies have also discovered that the “ink” used in these UV tattoos actually causes cancer.

Yes, I know that you’re all stunned to hear that ink that makes your flesh glow under the pulsing strobe lighting of a Vietnamese nightclub has adverse health effects, but it’s not just cancer that fans of UV tattoos can look forward to.  Says Dung, a hair dresser in Hanoi:

“I got a dragon on my belly, but then it hurt like bee stings, and spread to my chest. I couldn’t bear it and I had to go to hospital to have it cleared.

“Doctors said I was allergic to some chemical.”

Ah yes, some chemical.  Some chemical indeed.  According to Doctor Nguyen Thanh of Hanoi’s Central Dermatology Hospital, tests on the chemicals used in a UV tattoo were studied, revealing that the ink can burn the skin, cause ulcers or swellings and can thicken the skin.  But first and foremost is a heightened risk of cancer.

I’m really hoping that this is a fad/trend that dies an extremely quick death.  Just say NO to UV tattoos, kids.  Learn from Dung who felt the wrath of a hurt like bee stings and stay far, far away from this nonsense.  You’ll thank yourself for it one day real soon.

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