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Why the Economy is in The Shitter.

December 30th, 2009 by

Now, one thing that gets me even more pissed off than having to battle the recent, annoyingly long, power outages that the blizzard left my area with, are short sighted employers.. (I grab a shower and all the amenities I can as soon as it comes back on, since I’ve no idea how long it will stay on.) And a recent poll by has shown me one of the big reasons these assholes have ruined our economy.
No jobs
I mean, damn, is it so hard to figure out that the key to ending this economic depression is to put people to work? People who have a job spend the money they make. Spending money keeps the financial “blood flow” of the economy growing, and that leads to prosperous times. You know, I thought Franklin D. Roosevelt proved that during the last great depression. As soon as he created more jobs everything prospered.

But does anyone pay attention to that? NOOOOOOOO!

According to the poll one third, or 34%, of the business men with their heads firmly buried in their own ass, would not hire anyone who has even a small tattoo. Does it matter that the person is good at the job? NO! Does it matter that they may be more productive than a non tattooed person who goofs off on the job? NO! Does it matter that they could increase the business’s bottom line, and make them even more money? NO!

All that matters to them is their own baseless prejudice against a person who has a tattoo. To that effect they would rather cut their own financial throat than hire someone with a tattoo. And consequently, ours in the process.

How friggin’ stupid can you get? I thought the point to business was to maximize profits, minimize loss, and make big bucks. Shows what I know. It also shows why we are in the mess we are in. Employers who would rather air their prejudices than make a success of their business.

Where I’m from you call that kind of person a Dumbass. You know. The kind that cuts their own nose off to spite their face.

Here are the figures from the poll:

“Yes, for any job.” — 17%.
“Yes, but only if the tattoos are small” — 12%.
“Yes, but only for non-public-contact jobs.” — 23%.
“No.” — 34%.
Other — 5%.
Not sure — 9%.

So, for the better part, only 17% are smart enough to hire the right person for the right job, regardless…the rest would rather have a government bail out. Then spend it on bonuses for the idiots who screwed it up in the first place.

How sad is that?

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