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January 20th, 2010 by

Me personally, I would never get a corporate logo or name tattooed on any part of my body.  Even if there was a very good cash incentive or prize for doing so.  However, that’s just my opinion.  Some people have no problem with tattooing corporate logos on their body in return for a nice bit of compensation.  In fact anyone who has spent a little time reading The Tattoo Blog would undoubtedly be familiar with Billy the Billboard.  Billy has put numerous tattoos on his body as a form of advertising for various companies.  At one point he even auctioned off space on his body for advertisers so that he could get himself a new van.

Well, we haven’t seen much of Billy lately, but I sure hope he’s still out there keeping up his billboard tradition.  Today when I came across this article, I immediately thought of him.

Grant Burton, 30, from Melbourne, Australia is going to be able give his parents the vacation that they’ve always wanted but never had, by having the logo for the Dutch based rail provider Eurail tattooed across his back.  Burton came up with the idea after being unemployed during his parents 40th wedding anniversary.  His mother, 60 and his father 78, raised six kids and although neither one of them was ever a fan of tattoos, Grant decided that it was now or never to try and find a way to get them away on their dream vacation in Europe.  Because of the sentimental nature of the trip and Grant’s dedication to his cause, the people at Eurail have not only covered the expense of a Eurail tour of Europe for Grant’s mother and father, but also for Grant himself.

‘”We receive sponsor requests every day, but never have we seen such a fun and quite extreme example of fan dedication,” spokesperson Chantal Sukel said.

“We strongly feel that it is very altruistic of Grant to make this gesture to his parents … [so we] decided to throw in an extra pass for Grant himself.”

They will each receive a ticket to tour Europe, while spending money incentives are also being offered for the number of fans that join Mr Burton’s Facebook page.’

So…hey, regardless of what anyone might think about getting a corporate tattoo, you’ve got to admit that Grant Burton getting an 11cmx15cm tattoo of the Eurail logo on his back just so his parents can go on a vacation is a pretty selfless and generous thing to do.

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