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Meet Uncle Allan!

January 13th, 2010 by

Uncle Allan is awesome.  Seriously awesome.  I’m not biased, either.  Sure, I actually do have an uncle named Allan, but he isn’t a wicked tattoo artist like this one.  Still, my uncle Allan is a pretty cool guy.  But I digress.

Uncle Allan does the majority of his tattoo work from Conspiracy Inc. Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark.  He’s a 31-year-old artist who is full of life, travelling regularly and pulling off some of the finest tattoo work that anyone could ask for.  At the moment however, Uncle A is no longer taking bookings because he’s just so damn busy.

Besides his tattoo work, Uncle Allan does a lot of travelling about the world and while he’s travelling, he takes photos.  His photos of different spots and objects around the world are great, thanks in no small part to his artist’s eye.

He keeps both a lively blog and a MySpace page with more information about himself and his busy life than I could ever tell you.

Uncle Allan’s work uses lots of colour and vibrancy, even when he seems to be tattooing the most dark and evil looking images.  Still, his use of colour in no way diminishes the impact of his art and I’m sure that anyone who is lucky enough to sport an Uncle Allan tattoo will tell (and show you) the exact same thing.

I want to go to Denmark.

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