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January 13th, 2010 by

Lately I’ve been pretty busy and I haven’t really had time to think much about the new year.  In case you’re reading this and you didn’t know: it is in fact, a new year.  Yes, that’s right, it’s no longer 2009.  It is now 2010.  I’ve never personally been the sort of person who gets all excited about a new year, but the fact of the matter is that a new year is like a clean slate, you can start all over fresh and new and try to do the things that you some how failed to do last year.

When I sat down and started thinking about all the things that I want to accomplish this year, I realized something: the new year is the absolute best time to get a new tattoo.  The idea of getting a tattoo that represents a goal that you want to achieve this year or in the near future or maybe a tattoo that reminds you of something that you’ve been through in the past year – these are all perfect ways to either stick fast to your goals or hold past memories closer than ever.  I was reading this article and although the article itself doesn’t say much of anything new, this part in particular made me nod my head in agreement:

For Soumya, tattoos are far more effective than New Year resolutions: “A new year is a time for resolutions and reflection. A tattoo can help remind a person of something he or she wants for a lifetime. So your reflections will remain with you not just for a day in the coming year, but beyond.”

Sure, it’s hardly a new concept to get a tattoo to kick off the new year, but it is a concept that somehow just seems right.  Every year people make resolutions knowing full well that they won’t stick to them.  Maybe it’s time to get your resolutions or reminders of your resolutions stuck on you?

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