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Not In Here, You Don’t

January 4th, 2010 by

Let’s be fair: we all can’t agree on everything.  Style and taste are two very big points of contention and when it comes to things like tattoos, there are so many different opinions over what is cool and what isn’t that it’s pretty much pointless to argue about it. 

However, a pub in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is taking strict measure to ensure that its definition of good taste and style remains intact amongst its patrons.  David Frazier, manager of The Pint pub dislikes tattoo inspired clothing like Ed Hardy so much that he has added it to the list of items banned by the pub’s dress code.

““It’s associated with douchebags,” [says] David Frazier… According to Frazier, the aesthetic has been linked to bar fights. “Weekend millionaires? Those aren’t the types we want in here.”

And it’s not just Ed Hardy that makes the No-Go list, either.  Gang colours and blingy jewelry are also out.  Sure, gang colours makes sense and blingy jewelry isn’t my cup of tea either.  To be honest, I hate Ed Hardy clothing, too.  I think it’s tacky as hell.  But while I agree with Frazier that Ed Hardy clothing is often associated with douchebags, one can’t help but wonder why Ed Hardy wearing douchebags and “weekend millionaires” are seemingly so attracted to hanging out at Frazier’s pub in the first place.  Are they playing excessive amounts of Nickleback there, perhaps?  That would do it.

Anyway, this article doesn’t really elaborate on what sort of pub The Pint is, but if the remainder of the article has anything in common with the pub, I would guess that it’s the sort of place where tattooed folks go and drink.  If that is the case – and this is purely speculation, of course – then I think it’s sort of hypocritical of tattooed people to reject and judge others based solely on their appearance.  Am I sticking up for Ed Hardy wearing douchebags?  Well…kinda.  I mean, god knows I’ve been on here griping about places that restrict people with tattoos from entering many, many times before.  It would be silly of me to not apply that same standard to anyone else.

I guess the bottom line is that David Frazier can run whatever kind of pub that he wants to and it’s perfectly within his rights to dislike Ed Hardy just as much as the next guy.  But if you have any tattoos on your body, Mr. Frazier, let me just say that I think it’s not such a good thing to be so judgemental.  Maybe that guy who’s wearing Ed Hardy got it as a gift and he doesn’t really like it, but he’s just trying to be polite to the gift giver.

Then again…probably not.

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