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Stay Gold Not Cold

January 13th, 2010 by

Damn you Australians, you lucky bastards.  As I sit here with the heat in my apartment cranked up and the sound of the icy rain smacking against my windows, all I can think about is being some place warm and fun.  Some place tropical, some place where I can surf and maybe even pick up a new tattoo along the way.

Wouldn’t you know it, Australians happen to be in the middle of summer right now.  And wouldn’t you also know it, but the folks on the Gold Coast, aka Australia’s #1 tourist destination, have decided to put a little something together for those of us who happen to like awesome tropical weather, perfect beaches and oh yeah, I almost forgot: tattoos.

It’s called Surf n’ Ink 2010, and it’s Australia’s answer to complete and utter awesomeness.  This has got to be one of the sweetest tattoo conventions in the world.  I mean, just check this out:

“Our venue, the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre overlooks the canal from its spacious balcony and is metres away from 70 kilometres of pristine white sandy beaches. The Gold Coast is Australia’s #1 vacation destination and holds an abundance of nightlife, shopping, restaurants and with 35ºC (95F) summer heat – it’s the closest thing to heaven.
The artists attending Surf n’ INK 2010 are all high-profile world-class artists. Check out the artist list and see for yourself. Complimenting the “real show” (the artists) we have a great list of live bands, music, tattoo workshops, tattoo seminars, art-fusion, contests and so much more.
Surf n’ INK 2010 offers an opportunity to see, meet, listen and be part of tattoo culture and lifestyle on a global level. Surf n’ INK 2010 will be the ultimate tattoo experience of the decade. Get ready to feel inspired and be ready to get INKED! For the love and sake of tattoos, Australian surf, and music…
You are all welcome!”
Now I ask you, is that not the kind of way you’d like to spend a few days this winter?  I sure as hell know that it works for me.  Surf n’ Ink 2010 runs January 15th, 16th and 17th and boasts tattoo artists from places as diverse as Tahiti, China, Norway and Thailand (to name a few).  Unfortunately, I’m stuck here in Rain City, so I hope that all you tattoo artists and tattoo junkies who are attending this event realize exactly how lucky you are.  Enjoy!
You bastards.

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