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January 13th, 2010 by

The major players in the fashion world have always had a way of taking the trendy and transforming it into part of their designs, lines, whatever you want to call them.  If you’re too young to remember grunge, then head over to wikipedia and look it up.  However, for those of you who do remember grunge, you might also remember how several months after grunge really blew up with regards to the mainstream, grunge inspired wardrobes began making their way onto catwalks across Europe and the United States.  The end results were awful, a tired and bland offering of something that had been new and was subsequently suffocated by clueless corporate bandwagon jumping.

Well, give it some time and that infamous corporate bandwagon jumping will always come back to the current zeitgeist in hopes of continuing the tradition of overcharging the rich.  Yes, for the great price of just $75 US, the wannabe tattooed can forgo actually stepping into a tattoo studio of any sort and instead get a package of fifty-five different Chanel designed temporary tattoos.  Seventy-five bucks for some temporary tattoos: wow!

I think the most surprising thing about all this is that it took them so long to jump aboard.  Oh well.  The tattoos will become available online as of March 1st,  just in time for spring.  What better time to be a total poser/human billboard than spring?  Yahoo!

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