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The Fiend.

January 4th, 2010 by

We all know the extremes that football fans can and will go to for their teams. The more outrageous the better, and few sporting events will bring out the creativity in its fans that football does.
Well the Seattle Seahawks may just have the ultimate fan on their side. I am, of course referring to the HawkFiend, Bryan Murphy. Bryan is such a rabid fan of the Seahawks that he has actually created an almost superhero persona in the HawkFiend. But, I get ahead of myself.

Bryan who was 5 when the franchise debuted in 1976, grew up watching the team with his father, Donald Wayne Murphy. He was crazy about the Seahawks right from the word go, but sadly lost his dad to cancer at the age of 13 and made it his mission to continue the family fanaticism. But, this was not the birth of HawkFiend.

The HawkFiend was actually born in a Tattoo Studio. (Kewl!!)
Four years ago Bryan saw an elaborate tribute tattoo on an Oakland Raiders fan , and thought to himself, “There’s no way I’m going to let a Raiders guy have a better tattoo.” He then sought out tattoo artist, Cody Hart of DermFX Tattoo, and laid out his plans for the ultimate tribute tat. When it was finished he had turned his left leg from the knee down into a Seahawks Tattoo. When Cody had finished the work he looked at Bryan and told him he was a “…fiend for the Seahawks.” The name and an idea stuck.

With a vision for the HawkFiend in mind Bryan headed for the nearest Halloween costume store, found a mask with two horns sticking out of the forehead and painted it blue and green. Finishing the costume with shoulder pads and claw-like gloves the HawkFiend was born. And well received by the team as well as fellow fans, I might add. Now with season tickets firmly in claw, HawkFiend and his tattoos have become a celebrity in his own right. Dad would be proud, I believe.

“HawkFiend is the crazed fan,” says Murphy, who is also the president of the Sea Hawkers booster club. “HawkFiend’s job is to be there at Qwest with the other 67,000 people and help the team.”

Recently Bryan has added to his now legendary ink, and his right leg has joined in the tribute. The right tattoo portrays the Seahawks as beasts of the NFC West, with HawkFiend in the middle in all green.

Now that is dedication, and some damned good ink as well. Kudos to Cody Hart. Good job, Man. But, somehow I don’t think the HawkFiend is done just yet, so keep those needles ready.

Bryan himself has said that if the Seahawks should win a Superbowl, “I have my whole back for that!”

I’ve no reason to doubt it, and I’ll add…“GO SEAHAWKS!”

Cody Heart can be reached at:

DermFX Tattoo
3312 Auburn Way S Ste C
Auburn, WA 98092-6259
(253) 351-6513

All Images ©by Bryan Murphy “HawkFiend”. All rights reserved.

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