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Bet On It

February 7th, 2010 by

Getting a bad tattoo is one thing, but having to get a bad tattoo because you lost a bet, is the worst.  I’ve never personally had to get a bad tattoo after losing a bet, but it’s hilarious how often it does happen to other people.

Jason Mac, a DJ for a New Zealand based radio station, The Rock FM, now has a brand new tattoo of one of the most beloved/hated contemporary rock (aka Cock Rock) musicians out there, and it’s on his right ass cheek.  The tattoo is of none other than Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger.  Kroeger is singing quite heartfelt as always, into a microphone…except that the microphone isn’t a microphone.  It’s a penis.

I don’t know what sort of bet was so important that it necessitated risking getting this horrible (but funny) tattoo.  Man-o-man.  Incidentally, in case you’re wondering where the tattoo was done and you want to see it actually being done, you can mosey on over to here and here, respectively.   I must warn you however, you might become inspired to risk the stakes of future bets with your friends and end up with something similar or worse.

And that would be horrible hilarious.

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