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The Kids Aren’t Alright

February 14th, 2010 by

The last time that I wrote about children being tattooed by their elders, I had hoped it would be the last.  I should have known better because now not only is there more recent news about a child being tattooed, but it’s the youngest child that I have ever heard of being tattooed.  This one is truly disgusting, folks and I wouldn’t keep reporting on these sorts of incidents, if only they would go away.  But they won’t.

20-year-old Louisville, Ohio resident Lee M. Deitrick currently stands accused of tattooing the letter “A” on the buttocks of a 1-year-old child.  The child was visiting Deitrick’s family home this past November when Deitrick apparently decided to apply the tattoo.  Police are uncertain as to what the “A” tattoo represents.  At present time, Deitrick is facing a child endangering charge, which is a felony.

LOUISVILLE, Ohio – A 20-year-old man who police say put a tattoo on the rear end of a 1-year-old girl is facing a felony child endangering charge.

Lee. M. Deitrick is accused of applying the tattoo in early November while the child was visiting his home.

The tattoo, which is the letter “A,” could not be removed, according to a complaint police filed with Canton Municipal Court.

The child was brought to the home by a female relative, according to Police Chief Andrew Turowski. Deitrick is not the girl’s father, the chief said.

It was not clear why the child was given a tattoo or what the “A” signifies.

“It is hard to fathom why someone would try to do that,” Turowski said. “It was at his residence. The female relative was the only one with the child, so I guess it is safe to say she was baby-sitting. I would not call her a suspect at this time.”

A woman identifying herself as Deitrick’s grandmother, with whom he lives, recalls the infant’s 16-year-old aunt being the one who was with the girl when the tattoo was applied.

“We have nothing to suggest the mother gave permission to do it (apply the tattoo),” Turowski said.

Very sick stuff, indeed.  I could never understand what would possess anyone to apply a homemade tattoo to a child, especially a toddler.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Then again, a lot of things don’t make sense in this world.  All I can really say about this is that Deitrick will surely receive an adequate punishment and that hopefully in the future, the child’s mother will be more careful about who she leaves her baby with.

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