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How Not to Get A Tattoo

March 9th, 2010 by

I think that the vast majority of us can relate to wanting to purchase something in particular really badly but just not having enough cash for it.  Sometimes you have even have to sell off some of your cherished possessions in order to get the cash that you need.  It sucks, but hey, it happens.  Tattoos are no different.  Sometimes you’ve just got to have that tattoo done by that certain artist and no matter what it takes, you’re going to make it happen.

The most important thing to keep in mind when this sort of intense need for a tattoo strikes is that some things are a better way than others for getting that cash that you need.  Example: selling your bicycle, selling your guitar, selling your Xbox, etc…  These are all decent ways to quickly get the cash that you need to help get you set up with that tattoo you’ve been wishing for.

Then there’s just the really stupid way to get the money for a tattoo, like setting up an elaborate ruse through the internet in order to rob someone for cash.  That’s how Christine Lynn Damann of Coon Rapids, Minnesota went about attempting to get the cash that she needed for her tattoo:

According to the complaint, the robbery victim said he met Damann online on Livelinks and was lured to a 6424 Douglas Drive in Brooklyn Park March 3. When he arrived, he was directed to go to the Eden Park Apartments.

The man said he was then confronted by two individuals who punched him, robbed him of his pants, cell phone and other property.

Damn, they took dude’s pants?  Robbing him of his cash is one thing, but taking his pants?  Come on!  Give the poor bastard a break.  Anyway, Damann was caught and later confessed to setting up the entire thing so that she could get a tattoo.  Talk about stupid.  What happened to getting a JOB?  Oh well, at least Damann will be able to get that tattoo that she wanted so badly after all…in prison.

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