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Taking it to the Champ

March 25th, 2010 by

I think that we all know by now how fascination can lead to obsession which can then lead to having a lot of really bad tattoos.  To be honest, I try my best never to judge people for the types of tattoos that they want to have.  Everyone has their own tastes and opinions and it is of course, entirely possible that something that might not be cool for me is very cool for someone else.  Fair enough.  I do tend to judge however, when someone gets a series of really bad tattoos – and by bad I mean poorly done tattoos – as a result of their obsession with a famous or in this case, a notoriously famous person.

John Riddux, 28 of Ayr, Scotland recently had the chance to meet his hero, Mike Tyson.  Riddux has numerous Mike Tyson tattoos on his body and he drove to Blackpool after hearing that Tyson would be appearing at a hotel to talk about his boxing career.  After meeting Tyson and having the former heavyweight boxing champ and current convicted rapist check out his tattoos, Riddux then had Tyson sign his back.  Riddux later had the signature tattooed over, permanently etching it into his back mural of Tyson fandom.

Hey, it’s cool that John Riddux had his dream come true by meeting Tyson and getting him to autograph his back.  Personally, if I was Tyson I would be a little weirded out by the whole thing.  Then again, it’s probably pretty hard to weird out a dude who once bit off another dude’s ear…

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