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Tattoos: A Scarred History

March 23rd, 2010 by

An update from the horror movie website Oh My Gore! provides information about a new tattoo documentary called Tattoos: A Scarred History.  Not sure why a horror movie website is reporting this, but none the less, this thing looks pretty cool.

The film follows a young woman named Souslla Pilay as she seeks to discover why exactly it is that the tattoo phenomenon has taken such a hold over western society.  Along the way, the film meets up with various tattooed celebrities such as the now deceased David Carradine, John Landis, Jason Mewes and even Gordon Ramsay.  The DVD will be released on April 12th, 2010 and will contain quite a few nifty little extras, including:

– Official Trailer
-Leather Zoo’s ‘Stranger’ Music Video
– Tattoo History 101 Animation
– Raw and Uncut Interviews with the cast
– Angelwish Video featuring Kyra Sedgewick
– Deleted interviews: Police discrimination. Is it Art?, Removal & tapping
– Unseen Celebrity Survey

Check out the teaser trailer below, but I’ll just give you a quick heads up that it’s got a couple really quick NSFW moments (unless your place of work happens to be a tattoo studio, that is).

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