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Two Coreys, One Tattoo

March 17th, 2010 by

I’m sure everyone out there has heard about the passing of actor Corey Haim last week.  Though I wasn’t a particularly big fan of his past work (I was a fan of The Lost Boys though), it was sad to see someone go out like that.  Well, being that my last post was about a memorial tattoo, I thought it was interesting when I found out today that Haim’s good friend and co-star in many of his films and the TV series The Two Coreys, Corey Feldman, just had a bit of a memorial tattoo done for his pal.

Opting out of attending Haim’s private funeral in Toronto, Canada, Feldman stayed back in LA, heading over to Studio City’s T-Man tattoo to have artist Howard T set him up with his latest tattoo.  The tattoo is of:

“…a hot air balloon with a pair of eyes underneath. Corey had his son’s name, Zen, tattooed in the balloon’s basket, and the number 222 beside the basket. It turns out the number is a reference to an inside joke the two Corey’s had together.”

No one seems to have any idea what the 222 means and in a letter that Feldman published on Tuesday, he explained that the meaning of the 222 will never be known by anyone other than himself and the deceased Haim.  Bloggers are already curious as to what the 222 means and looking to find out, but I personally could care less.  Not because I don’t care about Haim’s passing, but because it’s a private matter between two friends and it’s cool that Feldman’s memorialized his friend in this manner.  That’s all that matters.

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