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Gorey or Not

April 8th, 2010 by

When it comes to getting a tattoo done, it’s interesting to take a look at what images or text that people like enough to have permanently etched into their flesh.  Some people (myself included) prefer tattoos that come from a very personal place, that is tattoos that are of family or friends or places and things that really mean something to them.  Others prefer images from pop culture or art, which can often be just as meaningful to people as are the personal tattoos of family or friends.  Today when I was looking at some tattoos on the internet, I found a photo of some woman named Siobahn Magnus, who just got a tattoo done of some Edward Gorey art.  I’ve long been a fan of Edward Gorey’s stuff and seeing this woman’s tattoo made me think what a great idea for a tattoo Gorey’s artwork is.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it translates well to black and grey tattoo.

So, thinking about Edward Gorey’s art got me searching to see how many people actually have Edward Gorey inspired tattoos.  It wasn’t long before my searching caused me to stumble upon something else entirely (don’t you just love the internet?).  I found this tattoo site called Fuck Yeah Tattoos and it is pretty cool.  On it you can see all sorts of tattoos that are submitted by the site’s readers.  These tattoos cover a vast range of different inspirations and interests and there really are some cool tattoos on here.  There are archives as well, so you can go back and check out the tattoos submitted from months past.  I’ve gone to a lot of these sorts of sites where people can send in photos of their tattoos, but the sites ultimately end up being clogged with a bunch of crappy quality photos of equally crappy quality tattoos.  Not so with Fuck Yeah Tattoos.  There’s some nice stuff on there.

Check it out.

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