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April 6th, 2010 by

There’s probably a few metalheads kicking around out there, reading the Tattoo Blog now and then.  Nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong indeed.  Tattoos have always had their place within music.  Of course, it’s not just metal musicians who get tattoos – these days it seems that everyone from hardcore rappers to squeaky clean teeny bopper bands are sporting some tattoos.  Still, by and large the most widely tattooed musicians seem to play in either punk or metal bands.

Well, the website Rock Sins has begun organizing an official “best of” tattoo competition amongst various well known metal musicians.  So far they’ve posted the round one results, which feature competition between Kirk Windstein, Rob Halford, James Hetfield and Mitch Lucker.  Voting for round two is now taking place, so if you’re interested, head over and check it out.

Not really sure what exactly this competition is basing its decisions on, as the reasoning for the actual judging of the tattoos seems odd at best (James Hetfield’s tattoos are more “thought out” than Mitch Lucker’s?  Says who?) But at any rate, it can be kind of fun checking out the different metaler’s tattoos and making your own choice as to who has the best ink.

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