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April 7th, 2010 by

All right, all right!  It seems that I got the ball rolling with my last post on metal bands and tattoos.  Now it’s come to my attention that Philadelphia radio station WRFF FM is having a pretty good tattoo contest going.  As it stands right now, listeners have submitted photos of their own tattoos.  These tattoos have gone into five different categories: Best Album Art Tattoo, Best Band Logo Tattoo, Best Lyrics Tattoo, Best Portrait Tattoo and of course, what would any tattoo competition be without acknowledging the Worst Tattoo submission as well.

As far as tattoo contests go, this one is pretty good, with the winners of each respective category getting a cash prize of $300.  Unfortunately, it’s too late to enter your own tattoo for the judging, but it’s still cool to be able to check out all the different tattoos submitted by other people.  The radio station’s website even has last year’s results all archived as well, so you can check out what kind of stuff took top honors last year.

There are a lot of tattoos entered, so going through each category can take some time.  I myself haven’t gone through all the tattoos listed, but my two favourites from the album category are both of the Smashing Pumpkins sleeves that have been entered, which is strange because I actually hate that band.  But hey, good tattoos are good tattoos.  It just goes to prove that you don’t necessarily have to like the band in order to vote for a particular tattoo.  And the dude with the Elliot Smith suicide tattoo?  What?

Anyway, have fun and check them all out and a big thanks out to John who supplied me with the info about this contest.  Thanks, man.

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