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Say It Ain’t So, 50

April 14th, 2010 by

Sooner or later, some people just want to get rid of their tattoos.  Everybody has their own reasons, I guess, but if you ask me, most of the time it’s just a damn shame.  I go out and see crap tattoos on people every day, yet somehow those people are never the ones who are going and getting rid of their crap tattoos.  They literally could be doing a favour to everyone who has trouble looking at lame or otherwise shitty tattoos, but they just don’t bother getting rid of them.  Sad, really.

Now I hear that rapper 50 Cent has decided to get a whole whack-load of his tattoos removed.  If you’ve ever seen a photo of 50 Cent, then you’ll understand what I’m saying when I say that dude’s got quite a few tattoos.  This is an outrage!  What’s next, Lil Wayne announcing that he’s getting rid of his tattoos?  Outrageous I tell you, simply outrageous.

50 Cent, who lost a bet to Kanye West in 2007 over album sales, has made the career altering decision of trying to focus more on acting than the rap game.  For this reason, he needs to get rid of some of his tattoos, as having fewer tattoos will not only help him land more acting roles, but will also cut down on the amount of time on set that he has to spend in the make-up chair getting his tattoos covered up.  Hey 50, you know what else will help you land more acting roles?  Actually being able to act.  Zing!

Yeah, I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that 50 Cent plans to get rid of most of his tattoos or the fact that 50 Cent will now be appearing in more films.  Did anyone see Get Rich or Die Tryin?  Yikes.

…And you thought tattoos could be painful.

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