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Update on a Bad Call

May 6th, 2010 by

Back in August of last year, I wrote about an English guy named Kirk Bradley and the rather over zealous tattoo that he had done.  The tattoo was a major vote of confidence for his favourite football (soccer) club, Manchester City.  Bradley, so confident that his team would go the distance and win the 2011 Champion League championship, had a tattoo etched on his upper bicep of the Championship Cup and the words: Manchester City 2011 Champions League Winners.

Well, as of this past Wednesday, Bradley’s all too predictable fate was realized.  Manchester City lost the game that would have put them in the league that you need to be in before you can even get to the Champions League and compete for the championship itself.  Make sense?  If not, all you need to know is that Bradley’s plan to see his team win it all didn’t even come remotely close to fruition.

I wish I could say that any of this comes as a surprise, but it really doesn’t.  Not because I knew that Manchester City wouldn’t advance far enough in the rankings to compete for the championship, but because getting a tattoo of something that hasn’t happened is stupid.  Stupid things typically fail to materialize into smart things.

Ever the optimist, Bradley is now considering having the 2011 on his tattoo changed to a 2017, so that he can fail once again in seven years time and look like a bigger tit than he currently does.  Might as well.  I mean hell, the tattoo is there.  It sure isn’t going anywhere.

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