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May 27th, 2010 by

Dear Six-Flags Over Texas amusement park: YOU SUCK.

Arlington, Texas resident Samantha Osborn is likely thinking the exact same thing after she was refused entry into the amusement park while taking her husband there on his birthday.  Osborn has a tattoo on her chest of two six-shooters and some yellow roses.  When she tried to enter the Arlington amusement park, Osborn was grabbed by an employee who told her that her tattoos were “…just as offensive as a swastika” and that the tattoo “condoned violence”.  The employee also told Osborn that she needed to cover up because Six-Flags is a family-friendly place.

Samantha Osborn and her husband Matt are parents to three young girls.  The two eventually got into the park, but Samantha felt the day had already been ruined by the incident and they left.  Osborn later received an email apology from the Six-Flags management, but she would have preferred a phone call in order to properly speak with someone about what had occurred and why.

First of all, to Samantha Osborn, if you’re out there and you happen to be reading this, I just wanted to say that your tattoos are rad.  Seriously, the six-shooter chest tattoo is one of my all time favourite classic tattoos and yours is no exception.  I was really sorry to hear that you and your husband’s day was ruined because of some weasely, power-tripping Six-Flag bigot.

Second, to Six-Flags: since when do guns and flowers have anything remotely resembling a similarity to the pure filth that is a Nazi swastika?  A tattoo of guns condones violence?  Are you familiar with the second amendment of the United States constitution?  You know that part about the right to bear arms? Because in your eyes if a tattoo of guns condones violence then does that mean that you also feel that the constitution condones violence for guaranteeing the citizens of the United States the right to keep and bear arms?  Hey guns are guns, right?  I’m just wondering when the image of gun became so offensive in Texas, of all places, that it needed to be covered up.

You suck, Six-Flags Over Texas amusement park.

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