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What You Most Likely Haven’t Been Waiting For

May 12th, 2010 by

If you were to go through all the posts on this blog and look specifically for posts that had to do with a new product that incorporates tattoo art, well, you would find quite a few items.  That’s because it really never ends, this concept of taking the popularity and fashionable elements of tattoos and slapping them on some random product.

Not that I’m complaining, of course.  For the most part I think it’s pretty cool that tattoos have made such an impact that if someone really wants a set of dinner plates with classic American tattoo designs all over them, well, then that can easily be arranged.  However, I don’t really believe that it’s the people who are firmly entrenched in the tattoo sub-culture, i.e.: the tattoo artists themselves who are buying into all this stuff.  But really, who cares whether it is or not?

My most recent discovery in the world of tattoo related products are these paper towels from UK based retailer Rockett St George.  Yes, these are just your regular everyday paper towels for use in any kitchen or tattoo shop anywhere, with the sole difference between these and say a roll of Brawny being (aside from the price) that the Rockett St George paper towels are covered in the aforementioned designs of classic American style tattoos.  For £5.50 ($8.20 USD), you can have a 20 metre (somewhere in the neighbourhood of 60 feet) roll of tattoo themed paper towels.

I know you want them.

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