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June 14th, 2010 by

Lately I’ve been busying myself with the World Cup, checking out all the games and trying not to let the noise of the vuvuzelas get on my nerves.  One thing that I’ve noticed since the tournament began is that a lot of pro soccer players are tattooed and I’ve seen more than a few good tattoos on these players as a result.  But beyond the hype of the World Cup and the hordes of visiting fans trying to survive the day to day in Johannesburg, something altogether different and dare I say completely retarded has just come out of South Africa.

I’m talking about what the media is billing as the world’s most expensive tattoo.  The “tattoo” in question has been created by South African jewelers Shimansky and it entails 612 precisely cut .5 carat diamonds, which were then placed on a model’s back in a little pattern thanks to a mild adhesive.  So the tattoo isn’t really a tattoo, it’s just a USD $924,000 temporary tattoo.

Nonetheless, Shimansky has officially created the world’s most expensive tattoo which I guess impresses people who give a shit about wasting lots of money on completely pointless things.  That’s so awesome.  Just when you think that the ultra-rich have reached the highest levels of complete and total callousness, they push the bar just a little bit higher.  Maybe the Shimansky model can show this beauty off around some African diamond mines.  You know, so that the workers can see the fruits of their slave labour.  I’m sure it’ll go over really big.

One can only hope.

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