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Military Might

June 9th, 2010 by

Here’s a question for you: how many times have you or someone you know of been turned down for a job because of visible tattoos?  Truth be told, I don’t know anyone who has been outright refused a job because of their tattoos, but I do know plenty of people who have been told to either cover up their tattoos while at work or risk losing their job.

Well employment is one thing, but how many people do you know of who have been refused entrance to the military because of tattoos?  It’s always a complete mystery to me why anyone anywhere should be refused or have to cover up their tattoos when working or dealing with the public.  But the military?  Man, that’s extra bizarre.  What, are the Taliban going to totally be turned off from waging war when they spot some tattooed soldier across the battlefield?  It’s just mental.

Regardless of how stupid I may think it is, being prevented from enlisting in the military because of tattoos was a reality for Liam Midgley of Chesterfield, England.  The twenty-three-year-old had a tattoo of stars that ran from his neck, just passed the base of his ear.  Midgley’s dream in life has always been to enlist in the army and when he was refused, it was quite a blow.  Luckily for Midgley though, the tattoo was removed for free by a man named Barry Crake, who removes tattoos for free for people who are struggling to find work as a result of their tattoos.

“Wannabe Infantryman Liam explained: “I found him on the internet. I saw a few blogs from lads who’ve been to see him as well. He’s an absolute legend. Without him, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

He added: “After it’s removed, I’m going to go back into the recruitment office and get the ball rolling for me to get in.”‘

All’s well that ends well, I guess.  One would think that the military doesn’t really have too much room to be choosey when people are voluntarily signing up to risk their lives…

But, I guess they do.  And that’s just too bad.

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