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Metanoia, baby!

July 15th, 2010 by

I love art.  Surely an obvious statement if ever there was one to be made on a tattoo blog, but it’s true.  Furthermore, not only do I love art, but I love the fact that tattoo artists are now being accepted into the art world more and more every day.  It’s so great to see artists as talented as tattooist getting recognition for the work that they do both in the tattoo medium and beyond, in things like sketching and painting and whatever else that their artistic tendencies guide them towards.

So today, I don’t have a lot to say about the fact that artists are artists whether they are tattooing or painting or designing a sculpture of some sort.  Instead, I just wanted to send out a little heads up for anyone who either lives in New York City or is planning a visit there between now and August 29th.

Metanoia is an art exhibit that is taking place in New York’s West Village at P.J.S. Exhibitions.  It involves various tattoo artists showing off their artistic skills beyond the tattoo studio.  There is a wide range of artistic mediums on display, including drawings, paintings and etched metals.  The artists themselves are a diverse bunch with three of them coming from the excellent New York Adorned and Brooklyn Adorned studios.

“The tactile properties of the pieces really speak out,” explains Bevin Robinson, co-curator of Metanoia. “Their surfaces tell as much of a story as their colors and content.” Through textured media such as etching, painted wood panels and charcoal, the artists’ works stand out physically, visually and psychologically.”

Featured artists are: Chris O’Donnell (New York Adorned), Jason June (Daredevil), Josh Egnew(Three Kings), Ryan Bonilla (Bellum Concepts),Stephanie Tamez (Brooklyn Adorned) and Thomas Hooper (that’s Hooper’s tattoo work above, incidentally) (New York Adorned)

Sounds very cool.  Good luck to everyone involved and to all those going to go and check it out this summer: enjoy!

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