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Meet Boff Konkerz!

August 22nd, 2010 by

Some people just like to take their time.  In the tattoo world of Boff Konkerz, the journey is just as important as the destination.  And he knows it.  Tattoo machines might be the norm with most tattooists, but give Boff a needle lashed to a stick and a little bit of black ink and he will commit himself to hand poking some of the most intricate and beautiful looking work that I’ve ever seen.

These are tattoos that take a great deal of time and patience – not just for the artist, but for the client as well.  It’s important to Konkerz to take his time, a characteristic that highlights the devotion he feels as an artist toward the work he does.  Yet another side of this devoted belief in precision and care was Boff’s road to actually becoming a tattoo artist.

For 15 years prior to ever tattooing anyone, Boff simply designed tattoos for friends.  He was, in his own way growing and maturing as an artist before the decision came to actually get into the industry as someone who tattooed people – and who tattooed them without a machine.  It was his friend and “World’s Most Tattooed Person”, Lucky Diamond Rich who showed Boff how to build a hand tool and then proceeded to allow Boff to tattoo him.  It was the first time that he had ever tattooed anyone and after that, he quickly became hooked.  Boff tattooed himself numerous times and when friends saw these tattoos, they instantly wanted him to tattoo them.

These days Boff Konkerz can be found at London’s Divine Canvas Bespoke Tattooing.  You can see Boff’s online portfolio by heading here.  Like I said, the work is beautiful and if you like to take things slow and love the look of art done by a different set of rules, then I would definitely suggest seeking out the talents of Boff Konkerz.

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