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Meet James “Woody” Woodford!

August 9th, 2010 by

If you’ve ever spent any time in England before, most likely you’ll know of a small coastal city called Brighton, a little less than an hour from London.  Brighton is a place where losing several days having a good time is pretty much a given.  It’s quite fitting then, that a very cool tattoo artist like James Woodford lives in a very cool city like Brighton.  James works at Into You Tattoo, a shop which already has gained quite a reputation for the quality of its tattooers.

James Woodford tattoos what to me looks like a broad range of styles, often on their own and often melded with another style in some sort of weird hybrid that always comes away looking damn good.

Classic American, Japanese, portraits, black and grey…Woodford does them all but manages to hang a very unique and well, just pleasantly twisted style on everything that he touches.  He particularly loves to tattoo Star Wars tattoos as well pretty much anything to do with tanks.  Thankfully however, Star Wars and tanks are far from being the only thing that James Woodford tattoos.

Check out Woodford’s tattoo portfolio here, which contains all the work that he’s done since March 2003.  There’s also an interview here that he did fairly recently with Big Tattoo Planet.

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