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August 31st, 2010 by

Temporary tattoos just aren’t interesting.  No matter how good the artwork is, the fact will always remain that it’s temporary and that alone just leaves a lot to be desired.  But uh…well, I just discovered a temporary tattoo that most likely will change the disinterested opinion that a lot of people have toward temporary tattoos.

They’re called “Vatoos”, although some bloggers out there are pushing for that name to be changed to “Twattoos”.  If you don’t know what the hell either one of those names is supposed to refer to, here you go: “Vatoos” or “Twattoos” (if you prefer) are temporary vaginal tattoos.  Apparently this trend is growing and everything from basic small designs to glow in the dark surprises are being air brushed on to the nether regions of hordes of temporary tattoo hungry women.

Hmmm…after watching this video from the Completely Bare spa in New York City, I’m of the opinion that the skill level involved in applying these things needs to improve a great deal.  However, that’s probably nitpicking on my part as I can’t really see many guys (or girls) complaining when they make the discovery that their partner is sporting some airbrushed art (which may or may not glow in the dark) down under.

At $115 (which includes the necessary bikini wax), I kind of wonder why you need to go to a spa like Completely Bare to have the process done.  I mean, can’t you just head over to Toys R Us and pick up a package of temporary tattoos for six bucks or whatever?  Well, whatever the case, I have to admit that the concept of vaginal tattoos is just too much fun to ignore.  If the ladies are liking it, then I say have at it and have fun.  Though I do admit that I prefer the name “Twattoo” over “Vatoo”.

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