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August 17th, 2010 by

It’s a very interesting testament to the times we are living in when tattoos can actually be used as motivation toward making a significant change in society and in the world.  When you consider how impossible it would have been for such a concept to exist even ten years ago, it’s pretty remarkable that in such a short amount of time tattoos have actually been capable of becoming a rallying point for those concerned about the world that they inhabit.

What I’m talking about here is an environmental rescue program that actually does use free tattoos as incentive.  Tatzoo is a website based out of San Francisco, California which aims to create a movement to protect biodiversity and at the same time, to create leaders who will work with others to do their best to save local endangered species.  How it works is that people go to the Tatzoo website, choose their favourite endangered species from the list that the Tatzoo folks have provided.  Once you’ve chosen your favourite endangered species, the real work begins.

Entrants must come up with 100 people who will aid them in their plan to help whatever particular endangered species that they chose.  The entrant must then must create a plan that details exactly how they will best use the aid of 100 people.  They will also have 100 days to bring their plan to life.  This entire plan must be posted to the Tatzoo Facebook page so that others can read the information and vote on which proposal that they like the best.

Judges, ranging from environmental activists, to artists to conservationists will then select 15 entrants based on their proposals.  These 15 finalists will be given FLIP cameras and are then required to document their projects.  But the best part of all is that the 15 finalists will also be given a free tattoo from one of these tattoo artists.  The tattoo will be of the endangered species that the finalists chose to try and help.  Oh and the tattoo artists who have volunteered their time and talent are all local San Francisco artists and they are all AWESOME.

Not bad huh?  Animal lovers, environmentalists, aspiring filmmakers, artists – you name it, this is one really cool way that tattoo is bringing people and the environment together for a great cause.

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