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Stalking Tattoos

September 15th, 2010 by

Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly 100% tattoo related, although I can argue that it’s pretty damn close, despite not actually being a tattoo.  The latest in outer wear combines the trendiness of tattoos and the cultural obsessiveness with social media!  Excited?  I knew you would be.

The Twitter Tattoo stockings are a new product made and sold by a crafty individual from Israel.  Basically these are ordinary women’s stockings with the black tattoo font message “Follow Me” and a white rabbit on a black oval background or the Twitter bird – head mascot from the annoyingly popular Twitter social networking site.  The message only appears on one leg of the stockings and when worn, they actually give off the look of a leg tattoo (provided you don’t look too close.)  The stockings run between $18-$20 and can be purchased by heading over to the Etsy website.

I guess these could make a good gift and I guess some women will enjoy walking around with what basically amounts to a Twitter advertisement tattooed to their leg, but I wonder how many women out there actually want to be riding the subway or the bus at night with the message to follow them seemingly tattooed to their body.  Do psychopaths need another reason to follow women home without outright encouraging them to?  I didn’t think they did.

Of course, Twitter advertisements may not be the most popular text to be tattoo fonted on to a woman’s stocking, but when I look at these things I get a funny feeling that we will be seeing more of them in the future and that more likely than not the next batch of these sorts of stockings will look more and more like straight up tattoos.  Hey, why not?  If one is so inclined, one can currently head out and buy fake tattoo sleeves, so how much more difficult will it be to make fake tattoo stockings?  Not much.

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