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Got A Light?

October 18th, 2010 by

As time passes, tattoos gradually move into new levels of quality.  Artist refine their skills and learn new techniques, equipment changes and improves, and the general level of expectation with regard to style and aesthetic often evolves so continuously that tattooists are sure to always be kept on their toes.

The truth is, these kinds of advancements are to be expected and more often than not they end up bringing out something really unique and inspiring.  I think it’s great to push the envelope at all times in all art forms, because if people didn’t, things would get really stagnant, really quickly.  And while I’m not so into the idea or the aesthetic of body modification, I genuinely believe that there are people out there who see it as something that intrigues them, excites them, makes them happy, whatever.

The latest potential form of “tattooing” or body modification, however, kind of just irritates me. The concept comes from John Rogers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  John has invented a sort of LED light that can be implanted beneath the surface of the skin.  The lights are small and one could ostensibly have a pattern arranged or a name or even some sort of picture, if one so desired.  I guess it’s kind of like light bright on a human being.

Really?  Having LED lights implanted beneath the surface of your flesh is cool?  That’s news to me.  Here I thought it was just utterly boring and reeking of a lot of misdirected effort for attention.  Furthermore, I sincerely have my doubts that this could actually be safe for a person.  Lights don’t belong in bodies.  Ink yes, metal, sure.  But LED lights?  Please.  Just go away.


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