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Tattooist Shot

October 19th, 2010 by

A Detroit tattoo artist is alive, but his condition is unknown after being shot in the chest Sunday night in his tattoo studio, in front of customers.  Neither the tattooists name nor his condition is being released by authorities at the present time and despite the fact that the shooting was witnessed by numerous people, no one was particularly keen to speak to the media about what had occurred.

All that is known at this time is that on Sunday evening, a man entered the Hood Ink Tattoos and One Vision Salon in the 18000 block of Schaefer Road, pulled out a gun and shot the as of yet unnamed tattoo artist in the chest.  The tattooist was not tattooing at the time and all that police have said regarding the matter is that they believe that the tattooist and his assailant knew each other.

Wow.  That’s quite the story.  It’s great to know that the artist is going to be alright, yet at the same time I can’t imagine how troubling it would be to be sitting in a tattoo studio getting ready to have some work done and some dude walks in and smokes one of the artists.  Crazy, crazy stuff, people.  I was tempted to make some comment here about artists needing to be careful not to piss off their clients, but it would probably just end up coming off in bad taste.  Instead I’ll just shut up and wish the tattooist all the best in his recovery.

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